• Project — Fitzroy North Residence

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Stylistically, it is safe to say that Fitzroy North Residence exudes several characteristics of mid-century modern design from both an architectural and interior point of view.

Giving out mid-century modern vibes, this design intensely focuses on function yet does not compromise on style. Classic modernist building principles such as the low-angled roofline of the first floor and the floor to ceiling windows and doors on the ground floor are two examples as is the emphasis of bringing the outdoors in through the ability of the family room to open its walls to the garden.

Clean lines and simple geometric forms feature strongly in the design of both the building and interior whilst curves make a small yet impactful appearance in the family room and kitchen. Overall, and again from the modernist play book, the interior design is based in functionality and whose palette is a combination of man-made and natural materials.

Photos by Dean Bradley Photography

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